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Large studies confirm a rapid, global decline in human fertility in recent decades.

Infertility A global pandemic


The scale of the problem

Roughly 1 in 4 couples are either subfertile or infertile.

Moreover, evidence links poor sperm and egg DNA quality with poor health in children.

A.R.T. use is increasing but success rates remain stagnant

The use of A.R.T. in the United States has more than doubled since 2005, yet, live birth rates are unchanged at 20-30% per cycle.








2005           2007           2009           2011           2013           2015           2017

So what is happening to our reproductive health?

The evidence points to poor nutrition, environmental pollutants, and modern lifestyle as the major contributing factors depleting our natural antioxidant defenses, causing a condition known as "oxidative stress".

Seeds of Concern

Oxidative stress is not only a major infertility factor, but may also affect the health of future generations.

The collective impact of the modern lifestyle and a multitude of environmental factors coupled with the poor nutritional content of food reduce our cellular antioxidant levels and consequently affect the redox balance of the reproductive tract. 


Chronic, or long-term, redox imbalance in the reproductive tissues may reduce sperm and egg health and compromise the quality of parental DNA passed onto the next generation.


Supplementation with key antioxidants at the appropriate doses is an effective solution. However, over-supplementation or taking unsubstantiated ingredients can also upset the redox balance and reduce fertility potential.


The only personalized fertility product in the market

Personalized according to age and fertility potential, Fertilix formulations are scientifically validated to restore, rather than overwhelm, the redox balance of the reproductive tract. 


Developed over a decade of rigorous scientific research

CellOxess Scientists are world-renowned pioneers in reproductive biology, DNA damage, oxidative stress, medicinal chemistry and drug design. Collectively, our group has published over 1000 peer-reviewed scientific publications and 50 book chapters. 


Fertilix remains the only product with scientific rationale and evidence published by ESHRE's Select Journal, Human Reproduction.

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Gharagozloo 2016 Cover.png
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Every Fertilix ingredient has been selected according to a stringent set of medicinal chemistry selection criteria and optimized for safety and efficacy.

Some Highlights

Natural Full Spectrum Vitamin E

Vitamin E obtained from diet contains at least 8 structurally similar, but chemically distinct isoforms generally known as Tocopherols and Tocotrienols. Vitamin E isoforms work synergistically together to provide maximum inhibition of oxidative and nitrosative stress.


(alpha, beta, gamma, delta)


(alpha, beta, gamma, delta)

Commercial supplements use cheap, synthetic vitamin E containing only the alpha-tocopherol isoform. Large published studies link this form with significantly increased risk of prostate cancer and cardiovascular side-effects.  

Bioactive L-Methylfolate

L-Methylfolate is an essential nutrient required for DNA and RNA synthesis, normal cell division, and also during pregnancy to reduce the risk of neural tube defects in the baby.

All Fertilix formulations use naturally occurring, bioactive L-methylfolate instead of synthetic folic acid.

Synthetic folic acid, used by other dietary supplements, must be converted to the active form by metabolizing enzymes. But, due to genetic variations in these enzymes, nearly half of the population cannot sufficiently metabolize folic acid.

Fertilix L-Methylfolate is an FDA approved ingredient and requires no enzymatic conversion.


Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALC) & Propionyl-L-Carnitine (PLC)

L-carnitine, an endogenous fat transporter molecule, is essential for mitochondrial fatty-acid oxidation, providing energy for sperm to attain its normal motility.

Although our cells make L-carnitine, the supplemental form of L-carnitine has poor oral bioavailability and is associated with adverse cardiovascular side-effects.

Fertilix uses a unique blend of natural, esterified carnitines (Acetyl-L-Carnitine & Propionyl-L-Carnitine) with greater oral bioavailability for superior absorption.


Manufactured with the highest quality standards in the USA 

All Fertilix formulations are developed as capsules and softgels to avoid mixing the oil and water-soluble ingredients. This practice maintains the natural form of ingredients and minimizes cross-chemical reactions that can happen over a long period of time.


The products are then blister packed with highest quality packaging materials. Our entire manufacturing and packaging processes ensure optimal product integrity and a long shelf-life.  

Economic Viability

Fertilix formulations come in multiple strengths, each with a different end-user price. Personalized products also mean that couples only pay for what they need, unlike other supplements that are "one size fits all" with a single fixed price.

Fertilix Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

A healthy pregnancy and child can be a reality for many couples. Lifestyle modifications and Fertilix supplementation at each stage of pregnancy are a prerequisite to a healthy child.


The preconception time, roughly 3 months, is the time required to cover one spermatogenic cycle or folliculogenesis period from pre-antral stage. During this time, the normal redox balance and nutrient levels in the reproductive tract are crucial for the healthy development of the gamete.


Keeping oxidative stress under control throughout pregnancy is vitally important for the health of the developing fetus and lowering the risk of miscarriage.


During this period, women also require added vitamins and minerals to remain healthy and meet the nutritional needs of the growing fetus.


The first two years of life is a critical time as the effects of malnutrition can be irreversible and may impact cognitive development. Quality breast milk is far superior than any commercial formula. Fertilix Postnatal is designed to support quality milk production, as well as supporting the nutritional needs of the new mother.

Lifestyle Modifications

Fertilix fertility supplements taken before, during and after pregnancy, combined with the following lifestyle modifications during these periods will maximize the chances of a healthy pregnancy and child.

  • Minimize exposures to all environmental pollutants and synthetic chemicals

  • Eat nutritious foods such as lean meats, fruits and vegetables. Avoid calorie-dense fast food. Consult a nutritionist if in doubt.

  • Avoid alcohol and/or cigarettes, incorporate regular exercise and minimize exposure to radiation (such as from cell phones).

  • Reduce excess body weight.




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