1. Why should men & women take preconceptuals / prenatals?


Accumulating evidence from several large, published clinical studies shows a rapid decline in human fertility in recent decades. The reasons for the decline are poorly understood but much scientific evidence points to a multitude of environmental and modern lifestyle factors, as well as the poor nutritional content of food. The collective impact is believed to cause significant deficiencies of a number of antioxidants in the male and female reproductive system required for optimum development of the gametes. Long-term deficiency of these antioxidants in men may result in poor semen quality including sperm motility, concentration and morphology, and in women, it can result in degenerate or poor quality eggs. Of greater consequence is the adverse impact on sperm and egg DNA quality, potentially compromising the health of the future generations. It is important for women to continue to take prenatal and postnatal multivitamins to ensure optimum nutritional status throughout the pregnancy and lactation periods.

2. Why are Fertilix products personalized?


We are all individuals with our unique nutritional needs defined by many factors such as age. Over-supplementation is a real problem with the majority of fertility supplements as they treat everyone the same way. This raises much concern as over-supplementation can also adversely affect general health or even lead to impaired fertility. Fertilix formulations are personalized according to your age and fertility potential to provide correct dosing and minimize the risk of over-supplementation. In addition to ensuring appropriate dosing for optimal fertility, this also ensures couples only pay for what they need.

3. How do I know which formula is right for me?


We've developed a simple online algorithmic tool that takes into account your age, lifestyle factors and your fertility potential to determine the correct formula for you. Try it out at; You can also find out which formulation is right for you by reading the information displayed on our product boxes.

4. When should I start Fertilix?


For best results, start Fertilix Preconceptuals and Prenatals approximately 90 days before attempting to conceive to support the full spermatogenic cycle in men (~74 days) and follicular maturation process in women (~90 days). Women should continue Fertilix Prenatals throughout pregnancy and switch to Fertilix Postnatal after childbirth and throughout lactation.

5. Is there scientific or clinical evidence for Fertilix?


Fertilix® is the only product in the world’s market that has resulted from over a decade of rigorous scientific and clinical research. All Fertilix® formulations contain ingredients with strong scientific and clinical evidence in improving human fertility. Fertilix scientific design rationale and preclinical results are published by the Oxford University Press journal, Human Reproduction; Fertilix® is the only dietary supplement to be published in this prestigious journal.

6. Why do Fertilix servings contain both capsules and softgels?


Fertilix® formulations were developed as capsules and softgels to avoid mixing the oil and water-soluble ingredients. This practice minimizes cross-chemical reactions between ingredients and ensures the highest product integrity.

7. Why are Fertilix products in blister cards and pouches?


The products are blister packed under oxygen-free nitrogen to protect the chemical integrity of all the ingredients from damage by air and moisture. Our manufacturing and packaging processes ensure long shelf-life for all our products.

8. Can I take Fertilix with other supplements?


We do not recommend taking Fertilix with other dietary supplements. The doses and ingredients in our products have been carefully selected to provide optimum synergistic action and safety. If you are taking other supplements or medications, please consult your doctor before using our products.

9. Are there any known side effects?


Fertilix® formulations are dietary supplements. There are no known side-effects, however, do not take the product if you are hypersensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients. If you are taking medications, consult your doctor before taking this product.

10. Are Fertilix products OK for vegetarian or gluten-free individuals?


Yes. Fertilix products and ingredients are vegetarian and gluten-free.

11. There are many cheaper alternatives. Is Fertilix really worth the price?


All Fertilix formulations are research-based unlike many cheaper supplements. They contain the highest quality ingredients available in the supplement industry and use “state of the art” packaging to ensure the safe delivery of the products. Taking care of every detail comes at a cost so you can be confident you are taking the best products science has to offer.

12. Is Fertilix FDA approved?


No. Fertilix formulations are dietary supplements and as such do not require FDA approval. 

13. Is Fertilix manufactured in USA?


Yes, Fertilix in manufactured at an FDA registered GMP facility in USA. However, some of the raw materials may be imported from overseas suppliers. Imported materials will undergo our rigorous quality control to ensure high product integrity.

14. Is Fertilix available outside of USA?


Fertilix is sold in many countries so please check for availability in your country before placing an international order. International customers purchasing from the USA website may incur additional import taxes, customs duties or fees prior to delivery.  Successful delivery of international shipments cannot be guaranteed. 

For questions not listed above, please email us at Please note, while we will do everything we can to deal with your inquiry, we cannot provide medical advice.


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