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Your Reproductive Health in the 21st Century 

Several large studies have documented a rapid decline in human fertility in recent decades. The evidence points to poor nutrition, environmental pollutants, and modern lifestyle as contributing factors, depleting our natural antioxidant defenses resulting in poorer gamete quality.

What is happening to our reproductive health?

A wide variety of environmental, health, and lifestyle factors can affect reproductive health. Some of these are easily modifiable, while others are difficult to avoid in today's world.

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The collective impact of these factors may reduce our cellular antioxidant levels and consequently affect the redox balance of the reproductive tract. Chronic, or long-term, redox imbalance in the reproductive tissues may reduce sperm and egg health and compromise the quality of paternal DNA passed onto the next generation.


Supplementation with key antioxidants at the appropriate doses is an effective solution. However, "too much of a good thing can be a bad thing." Over-supplementation or taking unsubstantiated ingredients can also upset the redox balance and reduce fertility potential.

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Why choose FERTILIX?

The Fertilix Advantage

Fertilix Preconceptual and Prenatal formulations are the most advanced line of dietary supplements available to couples at every step; before, during and after pregnancy. Unlike other fertility supplements in the market, Fertilix formulations are:

1. Personalized according to age and fertility potential. Over-supplementation is a significant problem with many fertility supplements and may actually lead to impaired fertility. Accordingly, our scientists have developed personalized formulas for all men and women to ensure optimal product safety and efficacy. Try our online assessment tool here to find out which formulation is right for you.


2. Designed by world-renowned scientists in the fields of human fertility and medicinal chemistry.
Our scientists have collectively published over 500 peer-reviewed publications and authored over 60 book chapters. Only evidence-based vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants at appropriate doses to support optimal reproductive health are included (1-2). We never use herbs, complex extracts, or unsubstantiated ingredients.

3. Formulated with natural, full-spectrum vitamin E. Natural vitamin E consists of 8 distinct vitamers (versions), collectively referred to as full-spectrum vitamin E. The 8 vitamers are all naturally present in food. Together, they form a unique and effective component of the antioxidant armory in Fertilix formulations; supporting a normal redox balance, essential for the healthy development of sperm, egg and resulting embryo. Other products that include Vitamin E only provide a single, synthetic vitamer.

4. Manufactured for high product quality and longevity. All Fertilix formulations come in vegetarian softgels and capsules using the highest manufacturing and packaging standards to ensure maximum integrity, efficacy, and shelf-life.

In the crowded space of nutritional and antioxidant therapies, Fertilix has established itself as the most trusted brand name among healthcare professionals worldwide.

Prepare together and with confidence.


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